Minky Love Jewelry - Healing Jewelry That Rocks
Hello, let me introduce myself. I'm Tammy, but I'm also known by 'Minky'. A nickname that I was given over 22 years ago, due to the Long Mane, my young 19 year old self would color Black...hints the name. 

I'm a Native of New Mexico, but moved to SoCal at the young age of 4. Cosmetologist by trade, working and creating with my hands is my Jam. Picked up the guitar at age 14, which led me to study music & the arts in College. I have always been a Lover & Collector of Jewelry. Inspired by Music, Healing stones, Eclectic Styles of California's melting pot & my Navajo Indian heritage, it was a 'no-brainer' to start creating my Style. 
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